by Michael Lemon (c)

Verse 1:
It’s hard to stand up straight
When this world keeps spinning all around
I once believed in fate
But lately I have come around

What life has in store for us
No man among us truly knows
You think I’ve lost my faith because
No crops came from the seeds I’ve sown

It’s not the ending, that hits me hard
It’s the pretending, that I gave my all
Is it the time, that I had but wasted?

Or the wine, that I held but never tasted?
and now that I have finally come halfway
I think that there is something that I need to say….

Verse 2:
I’ve jumped so many times
But I have always had a safety net
You said my only problem
Was that I lacked self confidence

Well that was never in dispute
But that was not the reason why
Thought fate would intervene
A higher purpose, wouldn’t need to try

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
All those foolish thoughts
From foolish kids with their foolish dreams
Innocence betrayed by life
Taking all your precious things

What are we to make of this
Now that we’ve come halfway
We’re too old to go back
and too young just to fade away

Repeat Chorus twice & fade