Michael Lemon

I’m a singer songwriter based in Virginia.  I’m currently working on my debut solo album with Andy Waldeck!

My singles include, “Senseless World” and “Perfect (For Me)” and "Each December".

I also collaborated with Indonesia EDM Artist, “Abayaro”.  I supplied the lyrics and vocals for the song “Midnight (I Can See)”.

My last single was “Each December”.  It's a song to honor our fallen veterans and their families for their sacrifices made for all of us.  I was proud to partner with “Mission 22” and I will be donating 50% of all proceeds from the song to support their ongoing work to prevent veteran suicide.

My next single is a song that I wrote called “Some Roads”.  It will be a duet with an incredible singer from Spain, “Erik Cruz”.  He is a friend, a brother and a kindred spirit!  I feel blessed to be working with him!  This is a special song that touches on both of our musical journeys.  We both tried to avoid the rough road that music can be sometimes, but we both realized that "....Some roads, are not ours to choose..."

Stay tuned for updates.

- Michael