Michael Lemon (c) 


She’s a black hellcat, With a white pinstripe 

A little off-center, Just the way I like 

Come here sweet baby, I’ll take you for a ride tonight 


Got my foot on the pedal, World at my feet 

Open road ahead, Exactly what I need 

Come on sweet baby, Take me for a ride tonight  (You know what I like) 



There’s one place I can go, One place I can hide 

It puts my life on hold, But makes me feel alive 



I get behind the wheel and I drive 

Stops the pain, clears my mind, when I drive 

Brings my soul, back to life, when I drive 

This world won’t pass me by, when I drive 


Verse 2: 

She’s got a V-8 engine, with overdrive 

It’s all I can do, to make it out alive 

Don’t slow down baby, I’m not done with you tonight 


She hugs the road, fits like a glove 

The more I drive, The more I fall in love 

I won’t slow down baby, as long as you treat me right  


[Repeat Bridge & Chorus] 


Verse 3: 

These are the days of rust 

These are the changing times 

I’ll drive to heal my soul 

and for the ones I leave behind…. 


[Repeat Bridge & Chorus]